The Adventures of Scott Bakula - Part 2: Commander Riker's Island

Blakula tossed and turned, dreaming of the old days when he was just Scott Bakula.

Scott Bakula at the 2005 Star Trek Convention

It was that time he met his hero: Jonathan Frakes.

"You're a disgrace to the franchise Bakula, you shoulda hung it up after Quantum Leap

Then at dusk Blakula awoke:

Payback time motherfucker, MWAHAHAHAHA!

Blakula flies to Commander Riker's Island, "Let's settle this Riker"

Haven't you had enough Bakula? The name's BLAKULA and I'm here to challenge you to a disco dance-off

Fact or Fiction Frakes? YOU'RE GONNA DIE BITCH

The End